Social interaction is very important and we offer many different group activities to suit a variety of interests. More information about each group can be found below.

Community Café

On Tuesday mornings between 10am and 12 noon, we have a vibrant volunteer-led community café. The café gives local residents the opportunity to meet in a warm and friendly environment.

Alongside the cafe we have a volunteer from Include-IT Mersey who offers tech support and IT query assistance so if your iPad or phone is baffling you they can help.  Free WIFI is available to all.

We also have 4 community computers which are available to use at any time. These have no time limit, and they are first come, first served.

We also have a lovely community library. You are welcome to take or borrow something from our fiction selection or pass along a book you have enjoyed to others. We have a wide variety of cookery, gardening and craft books you can have a browse through while you enjoy a brew. Free cordial is available all summer.

Everyone is welcome and booking is not required!

We have recently added 2 new items to our menu. Choose from scrambled egg served with toast (£1.50) , or a delicious portion of yogurt and fruit topped with toasted oats and a drizzle of honey (£1). Most refreshing when the weather is warm.

Lunch Club

Brighter Living offers a monthly lunch club to older people (aged 50+), especially those who are isolated or at risk of loneliness. This is a very popular group and booking is essential. This runs the last Thursday of  every month.

This activity costs £4.50 and this includes a glass of fresh juice, a main meal, a dessert and a hot drink afterwards. Our meals are freshly made in our 5-star rated kitchen, and are tasty and nutritious. Some of the favourites are cottage pie, scouse and minced beef and dumplings. Desserts are popular crowd pleasers such as apple crumble, lemon drizzle cake and rice pudding.

This activity is mainly supported by volunteers who do the cooking and serve the meals. We have a monthly menu produced at the start of each month that we share with our guests based on their feedback.

If this is something you want to find out more about, contact Angela on 01704 517810.

Our guests tell us:

“It’s nice to connect and socialize with people, it helps with anxiety.”

“Each meeting seems nice and friendly”

“Friendly people”

Men's Group

This group is open to all men across the local community who wish to socialise with other men. It is also a chance to take part in a variety of activities such as gardening, physical activity, trips out and wood work amongst others. The group meets every Friday between 1pm and 3pm. We are always looking for more men to join our growing group.

Previous activities included a trip to the Liverpool Museum, a trip to Rufford Old Hall, we enjoyed a presentation of exotic animals from Critters Interactive and a talk on the history of Liverpool.  Our schedule is put together with the men, taking their interests and hobbies into account. For more information or to arrange a visit please get in touch with Laura on 01704 517810.

Men’s group schedule for July to September 2023

What difference has coming to Men’s Group made to you?

I feel a bit more motivated and sometimes pushed (in a good way).”

Improved my wellbeing after feeling isolated. Also volunteering helped.”

It has taken me from a dark place and got me back into the game.”

Meeting people. Being outside at gardening helped me feel better about myself.”

Improved my overall mental/ physical health. It gets me out and is something to look forward to, guest speakers/ games/ trips out.”

Keeps me active in mind and body. I enjoy meeting friends.”

“Improved belonging, helped to make sense of depression.”

To show how important Men’s Group is we made a video!

Getting Together Men's Club

Arts and craft group

This group is for those that like to lose themselves in a creative activity while meeting other people who enjoy the same thing. Previous activities have included card making, glass painting, decopatch and rock painting. You don’t need to be experienced to enjoy the group.

Priority is given to those who are socially isolated and/or find it difficult to get out to groups due to health issues. Activities are overseen by an experienced volunteer crafter in the sessions but attendees can come along with their own craft projects if they prefer.  If you would like to try something new and fancy joining a small friendly group then contact Sara on 01704 517810 or mob 07715 332761. Pre-booking is essential for this activity as groups are run in small blocks due to popularity.

We asked: What difference has coming to Arts and Crafts made to you?

“I have met other people with the same interests”

“Since coming to craft group I don’t feel guilty when I do crafting at home”

“The participation with others exercises my brain”

“Something to look forward to… Feel relaxed when I am here”

Poetry group

Do you like having fun with words? Would you like to meet up with others who would like to do the same? This is a social group for meeting new people and to appreciate poetry. This could be having a go at writing some lines, reading aloud together or sitting quietly enjoying some company with a cup of tea.

We meet in a local Southport tea room. Priority is given to those that are socially isolated. The group is small, friendly and up for a giggle. If you would like to know more please contact Sara on 01704 517810. Pre-booking is essential for this activity.

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