About Brighter Living Partnership

Brighter Living Partnership was formed in 2000 and has undertaken many different projects and activities within the past 23 years, adapting and evolving to be able to respond to community need when required. Southport has always been our base and our roots are firmly established within the local area meaning we know the issues that local people face and have developed successful and long lasting partnerships with many different organisations within North Sefton and across Sefton as a whole. Our organisation exists to support individuals to live healthier lives and the local communities and residents we work with are very important to us.

About Brighter Living Partnership
About Brighter Living Partnership
About Brighter Living Partnership
About Brighter Living Partnership

As a Registered Charity and Company Limited with Guarantee we rely on grant funding to able to offer the services and activities that we do. We have long lasting, successful relationships with Sefton Council for Voluntary Services (Sefton CVS) and Sefton Council and have been successful in obtaining funding from many different charitable organisations over the last 23 years, thank you for your support.

Below you will find information about our current staff:

Darren Holloran

Brighter Living Partnership Manager

Nikki Williams

Social Prescribing and Personalised Care Lead – Southport & Formby

Lorraine Culshaw

Living Well Mentor

Jenny Beaven

Living Well Mentor

Sara Hider

Living Well Mentor

Conal Devitt

Social Prescribing Link Worker – Formby

Damian Gregg

Social Prescribing Link Worker – North Southport

Owain Fraser-Williams

Social Prescribing Link Worker – Southport and Formby

Sou Roach

Social Prescribing Link Worker – Southport & Formby

Vicky Abban

Social Prescribing Link Worker – Southport & Formby

Zoe Starling

Social Prescribing Link Worker – Central Southport

Laura Christie-Wakefield

Health and Wellbeing Coach РSt. Marks 

Gail Badley

Volunteering Development Officer

Angela Bedford

Social Prescribing Care Coordinator