Social Prescribing link workers can help you get more out of life by supporting you to address any non-medical health issues that may be affecting your health and wellbeing.

Social prescribing is an approach to supporting people in a very person-centred way to improve their health and wellbeing. We know that a person’s health can be influenced by a whole range of social, economic or environmental factors. Social prescribing takes these factors into account, and aims to support individuals to take greatercontrol of their own health.

The NHS have identified that this approach can help some of the millions of patients attending their GP practice each year to live healthier, happier lives. In order to enable patients to improve their wellbeing, NHS England have funded Primary Care Networks to provide a social prescribing service to their patients. In Sefton, this service is delivered as part of the
Living Well Sefton programme.

To find out more about Living Well Sefton go to

Brighter Living Partnership Living Well Sefton

Please see the below videos for more information about social prescribing, including what it is and the benefits it can have.

Below is a selection of quotes received recently from clients supported by our Social Prescribing team: 

  • Fantastic service. Would not know about any of the help available had it not have been for my social prescriber. In a far better place now mentally.
  • Fantastic service. Changed my life. Now able to slowly come off anti-depressants.
  • The only service that has actually helped me. My Link Worker listened to me, checked up regularly and supported me throughout my time in the service. Thank you.
  • Really great holistic service. I felt like someone was listening to me and wanted the best outcome for me. I felt supported throughout.
  • Have gone from not leaving the house feeling very socially isolated to going out to social groups 5 times a week and now have a small friend group as well – amazing service and much needed in the area.
  • Such friendly and compassionate people. Has made a big difference to my life.
  • Cannot thank this service enough, really changed my life!
  • She was the first person at my doctors who listened and cared. She found me some nice clubs and now I do ukulele which is good for my brain and hands.
  • My Link Worker has been really supportive and very helpful. She helped me link to PIP through CAB. She helped find me volunteering and courses to help with mental health and wellbeing.

The service is available to individuals who are registered with a Sefton GP practice only.