At Brighter Living we offer a number of different nutrition related projects ranging from practical skills to more theoretical knowledge, we have something to offer everybody! More information about our nutrition projects can be found below.

Cookery Courses

Brighter Living, as part of Living Well Sefton offer regular cookery classes at the community centre in our 5 star rated food hygiene kitchen. These courses are free and usually last for 4 weeks, covering a variety of topics and recipes throughout the course. Booking is essential for the cookery classes as they are very popular so please don’t just turn up. Courses are available for anybody aged 18+. The courses can focus on different topics or a mixture of topics such as:

  • Healthy eating
  • Healthy family meals
  • Cooking on a budget

There are other options available as well; this is tailored to suit the specific audience. Get in touch for more information as new courses will be starting soon! 

Cooking Courses Southport and Sefton

Recipe Book

The Brighter Living Partnership have developed several healthy eating recipe books designed to work alongside our other activities including the cookery courses. Our latest book (Cooking for All) features around 80 healthier food based recipes, using a wide variety of ingredients with a specific focus on increasing fruit and vegetable consumption and on cooking meals on a budget to reflect what the individuals we work with are telling us. There are many simple tips you can follow to make your meals cheaper, healthier and tastier.

Brighter Living Partnership Recipe Book

Weight Management Courses

Brighter Living as part of the Living Well Sefton programme deliver weight management courses aimed at individuals who are looking to lose weight and/or live a healthier lifestyle.  The programme is 6 weeks long and is FREE! Each week a different topic of healthy eating or healthy living will be covered such as:

  • The importance of food
  • Eating on a budget
  • Goal setting and behaviour change
  • Choosing healthy options, portion sizes and budgeting

The content is flexible and can be adapted to sit individual participants or the group as a whole.

Brighter Living Partnership Weight Management
Healthy Families Project

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