Have you ever thought it was time to change how you live in order to improve your health?

Living a healthy life doesn’t mean making huge alterations,
but making a change can make you feel good about yourself!

Brighter Living are a partner of Living Well Sefton and we offer a FREE service with a focus on supporting people with issues that may be affecting their health and wellbeing such as exercise, cooking and eating better, stopping smoking, coping better with stressful situations, help with debt and benefits, and more.

We have a number of Living Well Mentors and they can work with you on a one-to-one basis to identify health areas to see where small tweaks can be made but may have a big impact on improving your health. We can work with individuals to produce an action plan and will be able to support you to change your lifestyle behaviour over a short period of time.

We also offer a number of courses and groups that can not only help with physical health but also socialising more and improving your mental health and wellbeing. Referrals can be made by professionals but also by self-referral, this can be done by following this link on the Living Well Sefton website

Living Well Sefton

Weigh Forward

The Weigh Forward programme is offered as part of the borough wide Living Well Sefton offer and Brighter Living are one of the partners who deliver the programme across Southport and Formby. Weigh Forward is a 6 week weight management programme which is designed to help and support people on their weight loss journey by providing useful information that people can use in their everyday lives to make healthier and more informed choices. If you are thinking of losing weight, would like more information about healthier choices or would like more group based support for your journey then this could be the programme for you.

The course offers:

  • An individual approach to weight loss that can reduce the stress of losing weight
  • An understanding of real-world weight loss & how diets work
  • The ability to offer a flexible way of dieting as individual as you!
  • Practical ways to increase your physical activity
  • Awareness of how to read and comprehend a food label
  • Realistic food & drink swaps – without breaking the bank
  • Support every step of the way

If Weigh Forward programme sounds interesting to you then please get in touch and we will add you to the next programme.

Think Differently, Cope Differently courses 

Think Differently, Cope Differently (TDCD) course is a self-management programme ran over a 5 or 6 week period and is delivered as part of the Living Well Sefton offer across the borough of Sefton, of which Brighter Living deliver this as one of the partners for Southport and Formby. The TDCD programme is aimed at people who are experiencing mild to moderate depression, anxiety, low mood or are in recovery.

This course is based upon the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ and by utilising the 5 ways (Connect, Be active, Keep learning, Give to others, Take notice) aims to help people to build confidence and resilience, encourage hope and optimism to live a healthier life and look forward to a brighter future.

We deliver the course throughout the year, don’t hesitate to call us on 01704 517810 for more information and to add your name to the waiting list.

Below is a selection of quotes from recent attendees of the Think Differently, Cope Differently course: 

“I found the course useful. It was easy to understand and set at the right level and pace for all participants. Staff were good listeners and problem solvers. It was good that they related to their own life experiences which helped as it made it more real and helped me connect to the content and presentation. The same said for the other people attending the course. I really appreciate the time and opportunity”

“I was sceptical at first that is would not be beneficial. However, on a weekly basis I have learned how to challenge preconceived ideas and move on, mainly thanks to how the group was directed.”

“The course is very helpful and beneficial, especially with raising confidence. The people and mentors/people running the group are all lovely and make us all feel listened to and understood. I recommend this course to anyone struggling with mental health or confidence issues.

The service is available to all Sefton residents aged 18+ or those who are registered with a Sefton GP.
Self referrals and referrals from organisations already supporting individuals can be made. For more information please visit the Living Well Sefton website.