Cooking Courses


These courses are generally delivered with partner organisations only, if you are an individual interested in cooking courses please contact us directly and we will advise on the best option for you.


Working hand in hand with some of our other projects we can offer cookery/healthy eating sessions to partner organisations. The reasoning behind these sessions is to:

  • Improve individuals cooking ability and knowledge
  • Increase individuals knowledge of how to prepare healthy, nutritious meals on a budget
  • Increase confidence in cooking and healthy living knowledge
  • Provide practical demonstrations and instruction

As an organisation we can deliver one off cooking sessions and/or cookery courses that last 4 or 6 weeks. Examples of one off sessions include smoothie making and cooking activities for one off events i.e. fun days. In regards to cookery courses we have a number of options available that we can deliver, these courses are delivered via partner organisations who fit certain criteria we are looking for. Examples of courses we currently run are:

  • Cooking on a budget (£5/£10 meals)
  • Homemade vs. readymade food
  • Microwave only meals

The options above are specific options, the courses we deliver can be tailored to suit the individuals attending or on what the individuals want to learn. All of our cookery courses are fully evaluated by the participants involved. We are always looking for new development opportunities regarding the cookery courses we deliver, please contact us if you have any ideas. We work with all age ranges including child only cooking courses delivered in schools to working with Mersey Care to provide courses and essential information to their service users, these are just two examples of some of the work we have delivered.


We are located at Southport Community Centre which has its own fully equipped commercial standard kitchen where we will be delivering cookery courses and other cookery related projects from. We currently hold a 5* food safety rating. Below is a picture of our kitchen just before a session was due to start.


If you have any information about the courses we offer or could offer please contact us.

Cooking course flyer